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Company & Corporate Events Specialists

Want everybody having fun dancing no matter how big or small the crowd?
We make it happen.

Make your Company event a success ...

We are real DJs: We are not I-Pods with feet, hobbiests or part timers who needed extra cash. We are the DJ company who is passionate about what we do. And, it shows in our performances, whether it is a wedding, school dance, or holiday party, we know what our customers expect!


Don't settle for less: We don't show up in hawaiian shirts and embarass you.We dress sharp! We believe in giving a real DJ experience. City DJ is a tight knit group of DJs that will exceed your expectations of what a DJ should be. We don't bring our egos to your event, and we are masters at reading your crowd. We make it fun for all ages too! And, we love taking requests.

Companie Holiday Party CityDj Seattle

Trusted by the best

With CityDj you'll have the peace of mind knowing  our DJs will get people dancing and having fun!

The best DJ Experience at reasonable rates!....finally..

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